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&K is a mixed Morris side, formed in 1992 we hail from around the Maldon area of Essex, where we dance in the traditional North-West Clog style.

Alive & Kicking Morris Clog

Our name was taken from a comment made when a previous side folded and some of the members decided to form up again under a new name to show that they were still “Alive & Kicking”!

Our colours were chosen from the Maldon crest and consist of royal blue, with gold and white. Our musicians play a variety of instruments the Melodeon, Bass Drum and Tambourine.

The name Morris as a country dance style is uncertain: it is probably a corruption of Moorish as some traditions require the dancers to black their faces. England had close ties with Spain at the time it was occupied by the Moors, and there are certain similarities between some forms of Morris dancing and dances of the Basque country and Northern Spain.

A&K dancing
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