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Maldon GreenJackets dance in the Cotswold tradition. Cotswold Morris comes from the villages in an area of Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire and is the style probably most often associated with Morris Dancing.

It is danced with hankies or sticks to accompany the hand movements and dances are usually for 6 or 8 people.

Maldon Greenjackets was formed in 1988, originally with all male dancers, but since 2000 it has been a mixed  group or “side” performing dances mainly in the Cotswold tradition.

The origin of the term “Morris” is uncertain. One theory is that it comes from the Latin “Mores”, meaning the traditional customs of a particular social group. Dances called “Moresque” in France and “Morisco” in Spain were introduced into the court of Henry VII around 1494.

Research shows that in Maldon during the 16th century, Minstrels and Morris dancers entertained the audience during intervals between plays performed at the Maldon Friary. The Chamberlains accounts of 1540, refer to payments for bells, Minstrels and Morris dancers.

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MGJ posing for a photo at Rochester Sweeps Festival
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